Business Process Improvement

  • Process mapping, process analysis, process redesign, process standardisation
  • Business Process Management
  • Process cost and FTE analysis
  • High level Business Requirements definition.
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Performance Support

  • Technical Writing, Policies and Procedures writing, Work Instructions
  • Forms analysis, forms design, forms redesign
  • Knowledge capture and reuse, Knowledge Management
  • Performance support systems.
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Operational Improvement / Excellence

  • Operational efficiency
  • Plant maintenance analyses
  • Supervisory effectiveness
  • Time and motion analyses
  • Shift structure and work volume analyses
  • Operational system analysis / implementation.
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Change Management

  • High level change Roadmap
  • Quick Wins campaigns
  • Implementation of new processes, systems, structures, and controls
  • Management & Supervisory training and support
  • Post Implementation Reviews
  • Continuous Improvement.
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Process and Operations specialisation across most industries

Established in 2000, Synoptic Consulting is a niche management consultancy that specialises in Business Process Improvement, Performance Support, Operational Improvement / Excellence, and Change Management for the Australian market.

Business Process Improvement80%
Performance Support78%
Ops Improvement / Excellence67%
Change Management60%
Years of delivering superior services
Highly satisfied clients
Diverse projects for these clients
Percent of Australian Industry sectors

Process specialisation

Our client’s knowledge of the process combined with our BPI methodology fast-tracks the path to significant, sustainable results.

Sophisticated workflow modelling and analysis

We look for operational bottlenecks and hidden costs resulting from inadequate Policies, Processes, People/Skills and Technologies.

Fast results

We map and analyse a business process within 1 day, then define improvement solutions in 1 further day, a market rarity.

Domain breadth

Effective across Customer Service, Operations, Supply Chain, HR, Finance / Admin Support Areas, identifying efficiency improvements of 20% to 30%, and up to 40% service level improvements.

Industry Breadth

Analysis, Facilitation, Redesign and Implementation experience spanning nearly 100 clients across most industry sectors.

Highly collaborative approach

Blending `Bottom-up’ (working with our client’s staff to identify issues and build commitment to change) with ‘Top-down’ (working with our client’s managers to impart strategic requirements into future processes).

IT Agnostic

We do not sell IT systems, nor represent any particular systems provider; our independence is greatly valued by our clients.

Implementation know-how

We know how to provide`on-the-floor’ supervisory coaching, support and management of the change to ensure benefits are realised, sustainable and repeatable.

A Balanced Focus

We assist our clients to ‘operationalise their business strategies’ by improving their processes, providing access to their knowledge, managing their change, and lifting operational performance, through a balanced focus on people, process, technology and policy.

A Robust and Effective Approach

We are acknowledged as having one of the fastest, most robust and auditable approaches in the market. Our structured project management, analyses and delivery approaches deliver tangible outcomes such as sustainable cost reduction, improved service levels, and increased throughput.


Synoptic 3-Process Model

3 process model

Our unique framework for understanding business processes.

Synoptic 9-Way Crystal Ball

Our unique approach to leveraging business

Synoptic Opportunities Matrix

Our unique framework for prioritisation of

The right start makes all the difference to your project;

One of the biggest causes of failure for change programmes is the lack of understanding of the issues, by all stake holders. It is not uncommon for sponsors to adopt the approach of ‘we know what the problems are, now just fix them’. This is starting from Stage 2; ‘we know what we don’t know’.

This approach will certainly gloss over the root causes of the issues and alienate the people dealing with those issues on a day to day basis and whose support is vital for the resolution of each issue.

Our approach ensures our clients start from the position of ‘we don’t know what we don’t know’ (Stage 1), and in doing so, maximise the return from their investment in change.


What our Customers say

'We have chosen to engage Synoptic again based on their excellent work. I cannot recommend Synoptic highly enough as they provided a professional service based on our expressed needs'- Director, Community Aged and Disability Care Services Provider
'This is the best thing we ever did. The HR Business Partners Team think that it’s been better to have brought in someone who is NOT an expert in HR, as you have been able to critically review what we do from a simple logic perspective and ask questions like ‘why do we do it that way?’. We would never have been able to achieve what we have done without your help'- HR Director, Environmental Services Provider (A/NZ)
'The project has been a great process. I’m rapt with the analysis metrics - well done. You’re to be commended on the Project Management of this project. It’s the best I’ve seen. It’s been great to have been kept so informed every week'- CFO, Pharmaceuticals Distributor
'What you guys achieved in 6 months would normally have run for 2 years and never completed'- COO, Large Australian University
'Creon and the team from Synoptic were great to work with, providing a depth of experience and knowledge that made what seemed a daunting task for a large and geographically diverse retail group like ours, an uncomplicated and very rewarding experience for everyone on the team. The outcomes delivered by team exceeded our expectations and they were a delight to work with'- CEO, Large Australian Retailer
'Synoptic Consulting have worked closely with us for the past 12 months to reengineer our business processes and introduce new software to create a web-based on-line model of business administration for our members. I highly recommend Synoptic Consulting as a group of professional people who have added (and are continuing to add) significant value to our organization, beyond what was originally expected'- CEO, Large Volunteer-based Not for Profit Organisation.
Business Process Improvement 101

See what they don’t teach you in BPR, BPI, BPM, Six Sigma, Lean, TQM etc. Learn how to REALLY read a process map. Learn how to find the ‘4 key metrics’ of any process. Learn how to use these to predict and quantify efficiency, throughput and service level improvements to support a business case for change.

Process Mapping on Steroids

See the huge productivity benefits in utilising a process modelling tool (Holocentric Modeler) over a process drawing tool (Visio). Learn how to use a process’ time and cost KPIs to establish a performance baseline, and guide the identification and evaluation of improvement

Knowledge Capture & Reuse

Reusable knowledge in business provides daily guidance to people so that they can make judgments, formulate decisions and do their work. It tells us who should act, what should be done, when it should happen, where work should be conducted, why it is important, and how to do it so that we can optimise our effectiveness.

Improved Throughput

Organisations wishing to increase their throughput rates need to consider two questions beforehand. One, will their market buy the additional items they deliver? And two, is there sufficient financial benefit in delivering the extra items in the first place? If both the answers are `yes’, then throughput improvements are a meaningful goal.

Reduced Operating Costs

Operating costs, often referred to as OPEX, is the category of expenses in a business that occur as a result of its normal business operations. A key objective in what we deliver is to assist management in determining how operating expenses can be reduced without significantly affecting the business’ ability to compete.

Improved Margin

Margin in a business is often expressed as a percentage of revenue. In many cases it is applied at many levels including gross profit, net profit, contribution etc. In all these cases it is a measurement of a value, typically profit within a context of an industry accepted

Improved Return on Assets

Assets in a business are often expressed as items of economic value to that business, for example: cash, inventory, equipment, computer systems, real estate, goodwill, patents etc. Assets in an accounting sense fall into tangible (physical and measurable) and intangible (conceptual and complex to measure).

Our Values

Our consultants have significant experience.

Our approach is consultative and facilitative.

Our methodology is mature and flexible.

Our clients have constant oversight of project progress and delivery of value.

We define and implement solutions.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to preferably work ‘with and through’ your staff to balance skills transfer with an acceptable rate of speed.

We believe that the combination of an understanding of the operation, organisation and market sector brought by our Clients, together with an ability to quickly understand a process, its enablers, and its obstacles, and then how to optimise it, proves consistently to be a powerful and attractive service offering.

Our Mission

To maximise our client’s return in their project by always understanding the big picture, whilst simultaneously managing the detail.