Our Services

We specialise in Business Process Improvement, Performance Support, Operational Excellence, and Change Management services for the Australian market.

We are dedicated to the delivery of superior quality business process management, operational management analysis, optimisation and implementation services to a wide range of clients in most industries.

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Business Process Improvement

To effectively understand a business process, resolve issues and provide recommendations requires analysis and measurement in the context of area, function, role, activity, and impact. To analyse a business process requires us to firstly define and describe (map) it.

  • Process mapping, process analysis, process redesign, process standardisation
  • Business Process Management
  • Process Improvement
  • Process cost and FTE analysis
  • High level Business Requirements definition.
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Performance Support

Reusable knowledge provides vital daily guidance to employees to support understanding, make judgments and do their work. It tells them what should be done, when and where it should happen, who should act, and what performance levels constitute a ‘good day at the office’.

  • Technical Writing, Policies and Procedures writing, Work Instructions, SOPs
  • Forms analysis, forms design & redesign
  • Knowledge capture and reuse, Knowledge Management
  • Performance support systems.
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Operational Improvement & Excellence

Our experience is that the first and second line Supervisors who directly influence the cost of production (and hence gross margin) are seldom given adequate tools to ensure that they will be effective and successful in their role.

  • Operational efficiency analyses
  • Plant maintenance efficiency analyses
  • Supervisory effectiveness
  • Time and motion analyses
  • Shift structure and work volume analyses
  • Management operational system analysis / implementation.
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Change Management

No single change management methodology fits every organisation, we take into account organisation culture, needs, and constraints, and apply the appropriate resources whom in turn use a set of practices, tools and techniques that can be adapted to a variety of situations.

  • High Level change Roadmap
  • Quick Wins campaigns
  • Implementation of new processes, systems, structures, and controls
  • Management training, Supervisory training and support
  • Post Implementation Reviews
  • Continuous Process Improvement.
People element of the busness
The Process element of the business
The Technology element of the business
We understand People

Our results are achieved by using a highly collaborative approach, blending ‘Bottom-up’ (working with staff to identify current processes, issues requiring improvement, and building the understanding and commitment at grass roots) with ‘Top-down’ (working with managers and executives to impart strategic requirements into future processes).

We understand Business

We believe that the combination of an understanding of the operation, organisation and market sector brought by our Clients, together with an ability to quickly understand a process, its enablers, and its obstacles, and then how to optimise it, proves consistently to be a powerful and attractive service offering.