Market Regulation – NSW Dept Industry

Market Regulation – NSW Dept Industry

market regulation

Publishing of an electronic, navigable reference model containing all (‘To Be’) business processes to support the Fisheries Business Adjustment Program (BAP), specifically those relating to the establishment of a Subsidised Shares Trading Market (SSTM). This model is designed to assist users in tracing the relationships between processes, roles & responsibilities, key documents/templates within a process, business rules governing processes, hand offs between other processes, and timelines for their execution. It also facilitates communication between internal organisational units, in support of the transformation of the Fisheries Industry in NSW during 2017 & 2018.

NSW DPI Fisheries (‘Fisheries’) are undertaking a government reform project to transform the industry, both to the benefit of the fishers as well as to supporting the long term viability of the industry. The BAP introduces share linkages to catch or effort. Linking shares to access will provide fishers with a stronger property right and the opportunity to grow their business with greater certainty around the value of their investment.

Both buyers and sellers of shares under the BAP will benefit from a $16 million Adjustment Subsidy Program (ASP). The ASP will assist those fishers wishing to exit the industry or particular share classes, as well as active fishers who want to buy more shares to grow their fishing business under the new linkage arrangements.

The ASP includes fixed fishing business buyouts and a subsidised trading market for active fishers.